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Who has your back on the trail?

Everybody needs a Carl

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Carl and Niko

Officer Carl Swan and his partner K9 Niko. Officer Niko is often by Carl’s side, accompanying him to local trails including Badlands Off Road Park, Attica, IN.

It’s not unusual for my neighbor, Carl, to walk into our garage and ride out on one of our ATVs. Only to return a bit later, with a new gadget or mod he is working on. I remember one day, after Carl had made a quick connector for my riding flag, ordered a new throttle control for my husband’s ATV, and researched winches on my behalf. I thought, what would I do without this guy? He is that person you can depend on, respect and would do anything for. We are so lucky to have him as a friend and riding buddy. Everybody needs a Carl!

He is the guy we call when the chainsaw is sputtering, if we see a strange error code on our vehicles, or …. the list goes on and on. He is the one that can fix anything, fabricate what he needs, and is a perfectionist. So you know if he does the work, it will be done right and look good. And he is that one person I trust completely when he gives me his opinion.

His vocation is law enforcement and it comes naturally to him. He is ethical, watches out for everyone around him and is one of the kindest people I know. As the owner of Swan Motorsports, he puts his mechanical and artistic skills to work as he completes setup of new law enforcement vehicles with lights, sirens, specialty systems, K9 enclosures, vinyl, and custom work. The guy has mad skills.

How do you ever repay a “Carl” for all they do? Generally, “Carls” are selfless and ask for nothing in return. But, I’m always looking for ways to repay him. We take care of his dogs when he is away, mow his lawn if I know he is exceptionally busy, make him cookies, jerky and snack mix. And we watch out for him when we are riding trails or playing in the mud.

Carl Swan is the inspiration for the Characters section on The world is full of “characters” that inspire, help and make a difference in our lives and out on the trail.

Tell us about your “Carl”. Who is that neighbor, riding buddy, off-road friend, facebook contributor or mechanic that has been there for you or contributed to the sport in a way that you appreciate beyond words?

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