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About Us

Teri’s a country mouse. Dave’s a city mouse.

In a nutshell, that’s who we are. Or at least that’s what our friends told us when we married over a decade ago. A second marriage for both of us, we had previous lives that were very different.

Teri grew up on a farm, was a sheep and cattle rancher for 25 years and can build a house from scratch.

Dave grew up in the Midwest, was a newspaper executive in Washington DC and well, to be honest…for everyone’s safety avoids using tools with sharp edges.

What drew us together is our mutual love of the outdoors, spending time with friends and finding adventure wherever we can.

Teri has been riding ATVs for 30 plus years. From our first blog you’ll read that she introduced Dave to ATV’ing several years ago.

This website grew out of our passion for trail riding and our years of experience in the news publishing industry.

Our mission is to help protect the trails we have available, but also see trail riding opportunities continue to grow. We want to introduce the sport to new riders, those considering that first ATV/UTV purchase, and have a place for experienced riders to share what they have learned over the years.

Ride safe. We will see you down the trail.